Which Shopify Price Plan Should I Pick?

Shopify offers five pricing plans. Each plan includes a specific collection of features tailored to different sizes and types of organizations and has a unique pricing structure.

Which Shopify pricing plan should I choose? It is definitely on your mind if you’re considering using Shopify. Another on your mind is undoubted, “Which Shopify plan is the most affordable for me?”

Shopify offers something for companies of all sizes and phases. Choosing what features you need and don’t need from each plan can be challenging because they each provide various features. Even while the cost of any service is crucial, you must also consider which solutions you need and which might not suit you. The many Shopify plans available come with multiple features and functionalities. You can also test out Shopify for 14 days for free to discover if it’s the appropriate platform.

However, When estimating Shopify’s cost, you must include additional expenses and factors, such as Shopify Apps, the POS system, and Shopify Payments.

That’s not enough, What information is necessary for you to select the best Shopify pricing plan? This article will discuss the five Shopify pricing plans and significant supplemental expenses.

Which Shopify Plan Is Best For Me?

The features list on Shopify’s price page is a fantastic place to start when deciding which plan is ideal. However, Let’s now examine each Shopify pricing plan in more detail.

Basic Shopify

This package, which starts at a $29 monthly subscription, is perfect for companies looking to create an online store. It includes fundamental e-commerce features. Two staff accounts, 24/7 support, an online store with a blog, sales channels, and infinite products are all included in this plan. Furthermore, you receive a free SSL certificate, discount coupons, the ability to manually create orders, and cart recovery. The drawback is that there is a hefty 2% transaction fee if your things are expensive.

Shopify Lite

This plan has a $9 monthly subscription fee for frugal people. With this plan, you can quickly convert your website into a profitable enterprise by adding a “Purchase” button. In addition to the fundamental e-commerce functionalities, you will receive tools for selling on Facebook, accepting credit card payments, and more. Also, this plan has 2% transaction fees when using non-Shopify payment methods.

Shopify Plan

The regular Shopify pricing plan costs $79 per month. It is advertised as having all the features a developing company might require. Gift cards, professional reports, and five staff accounts are included, as everything from your Basic Shopify package. With this package, you can use the abandoned cart recovery feature to generate unlimited goods, a significant selling factor. While using the cart feature, you can send automated emails depending on your preferences. The transaction cost for this plan is set at 1% when utilizing non-Shopify payment methods.

Shopify Plus

With Shopify Plus, you can access all the essential tools for your business. This plan has a staggering $2,000 monthly plan fee for whatever more features you require. Compared to others, it provides solutions specifically targeted to your unique business strategy. Shopify claims that using Shop Pay will increase conversion by up to 18% and speed up checkout by 60%. Moreover, product sites now include augmented reality (AR), video, and 3D content, as well as customized shopping options with various retailers, currencies, and languages for both B2B and direct consumer transactions. Plus, you receive limitless transactions, products, and 99.99% uptime while customizing your checkout, providing advanced discounts and shipping rates.

Shopify Advance Plan

With a $299 monthly subscription, the Advanced Shopify Plan is meant for medium to big web enterprises. Shipping, meager transaction costs, and more sophisticated reporting are included in this package. Furthermore, the capability of producing unique reports, including those on your dependable and at-risk clients, is also available. While using external payment gateways, you also receive unlimited product uploads and slightly reduced transaction fees. You can publish as many videos and photographs and upload as many products as possible to get the needed traffic. This plan also includes abandoned cart recovery, ensuring you can generate enough sales to justify the higher plan fee. Transaction costs for this plan are set at 0.5% when utilizing methods other than Shopify payments.

Shopify Payments

The platform’s exclusive payment method, Shopify Payments, makes it simple to start accepting credit card payments online. You can use Shopify Payments or a third-party service to process payments quickly. The agreement is that you will be assessed an extra transaction cost if you use a third-party payment provider instead of Shopify Payments. Below are the transaction fees:

  • Basic Shopify: 2%
  • (Regular) Shopify: 1%
  • Shopify Advanced: 0.5%

Shopify Apps Pricing

You can find Over 6,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, which will help expand and alter your website’s functionality. For instance, Automizely allows you to choose and sell drop-shipped goods in-store. Additionally, there is a tonne of apps available that can:

  • Boost conversion rates
  • raise the rankings on search engines
  • Boost sales on social media
  • Produce goods more effectively

What is the price of Shopify apps, then? Depending on the app, a recurring monthly cost is generally charged.

A Shopify store frequently spends several hundred dollars a month on apps. Hence, when evaluating the price of Shopify, it is essential to consider these fees.

Shopify Point Of Sale(POS)

Apart from Shopify Basic, all Shopify plans have various POS capabilities. Suppose you have a physical storefront and wish to accept payments in person. In that case, consider upgrading your package to include Shopify POS Pro. The cost of Shopify POS Pro is $89 per location per month.

Shopify Domain Pricing

You will receive a free www.storename.myshopify.com domain when you join up with Shopify, or you can also register a domain with Shopify Domains starting at $11/year. However, consider upgrading to a custom domain name. You can buy a domain from a third party, such as GoDaddy or NameCheap.

Shopify Email Pricing

As we all know, email marketing is essential to eCommerce sales, but instead of using a third-party provider like MailChimp or Active Campaign, users can elect to utilize Shopify Email. With the help of this, you can send Up to 10,000 manual or automated emails without cost. After that, you will be charged $1 for every extra 1,000 emails or a penny for each email.

Shopify And Taxes

Remember that tax laws and regulations can be complicated and subject to frequent change. In this regard, Shopify can automatically handle the most typical sales tax calculations. Moreover, you can set up tax overrides to suit particular tax rules and circumstances. Shopify does not submit or file your sales taxes on your behalf. You must register your firm with local or federal tax authorities to handle your sales tax. When it comes time to file and pay taxes, the computations and reports Shopify offers will aid.


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