App Development

Our Application development services include app design, integration, and management. Whether it’s a consumer-facing app or an innovative enterprise-class platform, we handle and regulate the entire process from its inception to its development and implementation into a reliable platform, as well as offering our continuous support throughout the process as well as after its completion.

Thrillingtech is dedicated to developing the most efficient applications for our clients that tend to the ever changing needs of the technological world. Our apps are developed keeping in mind factors such as productivity, ease of use and user-friendly interface so when you entrust thrillingtech with developing an application, you are guaranteed excellence to the utmost degree.

What We Offer

Custom iOS and Android apps development

Due to the changing needs of the modern world, productivity can be increased largely by introducing apps that serve specific needs of the individual.With our team, you can develop apps that are designed and developed by keeping your preferences, requirements and specifications in mind for all iPhone and Android users

Second platform app development

OS refers to the operating systems involved in the working of cellphones. iphones and Androids have different operating systems and therefore, require characteristic applications only function in one or the other OS. Thrillingtech will help you create apps that are compatible with all types of mobile operating systems and increase your customers in both iOS as well as android Operating system.

UI/UX design

UI refers to User Interface while UX is used to describe User experience. While the underlying software is responsible for efficiency of any application, it is undeniable that what attracts users the most is the outlook or the “interface” of an application and the features it offers. You too can make highly functional, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing apps by employing our UX/UI team.

Consulting and prototyping

A prototype is an experimental model to assess the effectivity of the idea in materialized form. It is the most effective method to deduce the pros and cons of a concept and judge whether it is worth investing in. With thrillingtech, you can effectively reduce risks by employing prototype services to analyze the possible success of a concept or model.

Automated QA and testing

Human judgement is prone to errors therefore, the best way to calculate the efficency of any software is to run automated tests on it.  With Thrillingtech’s  automated QA and testing, evaluate the actual output of your software through automated testing that involves error-free testing of the software by running certain security, performance and acceptance tests etc.

Power management, notification, and geofencing

Power management refers to features that reduce power consumption of hardwares thus reducing costs and energy usage. While geofencing refers to introducing virtual boundaries based on real-life geographical locations through use of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). With Thrillingtech’s power management, notification and geofencing, you can minimize energy consumption and introduce virtual boundaries by features that alert the users in case a set geographical limit is crossed.

Embedded Android & AOSP customizations

AOSP refers to Google’s  Android Open Source Project, which contains the  information and source code needed to customize android operating systems. Thrillingtech makes  it easier to customize your Android Operating Systems  to your preference with in-built customization options.


Maintenance and post-warranty support

With our commitment to excellence, you no longer have to worry about bugs and defects after the warranty period. Thrilling tech offers full maintenance support for all its services and products.                                                                                                                     



Thorough, meticulous, and rigorous testing before deployment is a very important aspect of the Web development process. We follow a streamlined testing process before and after deployment to ensure a smooth, highly responsive and secure website, that is needed to built a long-lasting customer relationship.


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