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How to Use Chat GPT?

You’ve had enough of hearing about this brand-new, fancy AI chatbot, and you want to use it for yourself. You are undoubtedly in for a treat, then. To learn how to utilize Chat GPT, keep reading.

Around the end of the previous year, OpenAI released the Chat GPT AI language model. Due to the model’s enormous popularity, it has been in the headlines ever since it was initially made available to the general public. It is hardly surprising that many customers have been shocked by the model’s abilities. This AI model truly is amazing.
Any age group can utilize OpenAI Chat GPT because of its age-neutral architecture. Recent accomplishments by Chat GPT include:

Completing the Google coding test.
Passing the law school bar exam.
Even producing assignments for pupils.

How to Use Chat GPT?

It’s simple and convenient to utilise Chat GPT. It would be best to remember to input statement questions when using it, among other things. The first thing you must do to use chat GPT is to sign up. Detailed instructions for operating chat GPT without problems are provided here.

Sign Up for OpenAI

You must create an account with OpenAI to use Chat GPT. Go to the OpenAI Chat GPT website to get started.

Create an Account to Continue

Once on the Chat GPT website, you will have the option to “sign up.” Aftermath, click “sign up” and choose your preferred login method to continue.

Validate Your Account

The next step is to verify your account. If you decide to sign up via email, OpenAI will send a verification email to your inbox. Click the link to complete this step. Your name, followed by your mobile number, is required by OpenAI in order to confirm your account further. Follow the subsequent verification steps after filling out the details.

How do I Utilise Chat GPT After Creating an Account?

You can utilise Chat GPT now that you have successfully made an account there. It is straightforward to use. Enter any query you want to know the answer to in the search bar. The options are limitless. Remember that the more information you provide the AI bot, the more specific the response will be.

Chat GPT App

Everyone wants to know how to use the ChatGPT app. You should be aware, though, that there is currently no app version of this AI that can be downloaded.
Any online browser, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and others, can access ChatGPT on a mobile device for free. Click the “Test ChatGPT” banner at the bottom of the mobile screen after that. Use your login information to sign up or log in, and then feel free to use this AI bot to obtain answers to your questions.

Chat GPT Limitations

Although Chat GPT is an excellent tool, several restrictions must be understood if you wish to use it. OpenAI claims that Chat GPT can provide “incorrect or nonsensical replies.” It would be an excellent idea to sense-check the model’s response if you utilise this tool to ensure no errors.
Although we have yet to encounter it, the model can occasionally produce biased and damaging content.
Chat GPT knows very little about what will happen and what will be known after 2021. This is because of the data the model was trained on. However, we anticipate this limitation will be fixed in the upcoming model.